From an early stage the Hexham River Hydro core team set six objectives for the scheme, and continued to pursue these with equal weighting throughout all of its work.


  1. To develop a hydro-electric generation scheme that secures long-term generation of green electricity from the River Tyne at Hexham and reduces Hexham’s carbon emissions by several hundred tonnes per annum.
  2. To utilise the resulting income to secure long-term funding for the low carbon and regenerative activities of the Hexham Community Partnership (HCP).
  3. To use the hydro-electric generation facility as an educational and an environmental awareness-raising tool, both for residents of the area and visitors to Hexham.
  4. To promote community engagement in securing a low carbon future.
  5. To demonstrate that generating renewable electricity is compatible with protection and even enhancement of the amenity value of a major river.
  6. To attract more visitors to Hexham (hydro power schemes – even small ones – have proved to be popular visitor attractions elsewhere).


Hexham River Hydro, an energyshare project made possible by British Gas and supported by Carbon Leapfrog, Cooperative Enterprise Hub, Vattenfall and The Naturesave Trust