Our sincere thanks go to all of the following:

  • energyshare – a fantastic community, information resource and social networking site for everyone interested in our energy future. energyshare funding and support have played a crucial role in developing Hexham River Hydro.
  • Carbon Leapfrog – reducing hurdles for low carbon projects. They really do.  Their access to pro bono advice and its reach has been invaluable. They have been at the end of a phone and their advice has materialised very quickly.
  • Ashurst, and particularly Nick Hilder and George May, who provided a standard of legal service few of us have experienced in our professional lives, never mind work being done pro bono. Their excellent advice was always prompt, professional and of the highest standard. Their virtual working with the core team was superb. They went above and beyond our expectations. They supported Hexham River Hydro through Carbon Leapfrog (see above).
  • Hexham Town Council
  • Northumberland County Council
  • The 4,000+ people who supported Hexham River Hydro on energyshare and voted for the project in the national competition
  • Environment Agency staff, particularly Graeme Warren and Eva Diran in the North East
  • Cooperative Enterprise Hub and Social Enterprise Northumberland for detailed and helpful advice on legal structures
  • Guy Opperman MP, who was instrumental in ensuring a high profile for the initial energyshare vote, who convened and chaired a three way meeting in March 2012 at Hexham Auction Mart with the Hexham River Hydro team, the Environment Agency and representatives from the many anglers, angling clubs and riparian owners along the river Tyne, and who has maintained interest in our work throughout the project.
  • Fiona Hall MEP, who was also instrumental in ensuring a high profile for the initial energyshare vote
  • Tony Gates, Chief Executive, Northumberland National Park Authority, for being a terrific and independent Chair and facilitator for the two meetings held in October 2013, at which the Hexham River Hydro design team presented to, and sought feedback on, the draft detailed design from local stakeholders.
  • Hexham Canoe Club, Queen Elizabeth High School Rowing Club and Hexham Rowing Club Board and other members, plus representatives of Tyne Green Users Group, who all provided input to the design.
  • The local anglers who asked good questions to provide constructive input to the design
  • Helen Smith for fantastic photography
  • The very large number of people who have given their time to the scheme, providing comments during feasibility and detailed design stages and in many cases also contributing volunteer hours to the >5,000 volunteer hours invested to date in developing the scheme through to its detailed design.
  • … and last but not least… to the core team of dedicated individuals who committed the vast bulk of the skilled volunteer hours and sacrificed a great deal of their own lives (and some of their own money) in order to get Hexham River Hydro as far as it has come. In particular, in alphabetical order: Amanda, Bob, Catriona, Gillian, John, Jude, Malcolm, Norman and Tamsin.

Hexham River Hydro, an energyshare project made possible by British Gas and supported by Carbon Leapfrog, Cooperative Enterprise Hub, Vattenfall and The Naturesave Trust