Detailed design report

The detailed design report for Hexham River Hydro as finalised in May 2013 is available for download below.

Most of the Appendices are not published here because they have an ongoing commercial value. The Hexham River Hydro team will consider providing any or all of these Appendices to any interested party in return for an appropriate donation to support the work of Hexham Community Partnership and/or Transition Tynedale.

Further, Appendix 20 HRH Financial Model is not published here because it is likely to be meaningful only with accompanying expertise and explanation. It is a detailed financial model showing cashflows, P&L and B/S over a 40 year period, and investment appraisal calculations, including detailed assumptions and workings. It has been provided to Carbon Leapfrog for use with other community renewable energy projects.

For images of the proposed scheme, see the Design Overview page of this website.

See how to contact us to enquire after any information not attached below or included elsewhere on this website.

Files for download:

Hexham River Hydro – Detailed Design Report – May 2013

Appendix 1 – Scheme Drawings  Note: For more images of the proposed scheme, see the Design Overview page of this website.

Appendix 2 – Tyne Rivers Trust Position Statement – is available here:

Appendix 3 – Stage Discharge Calculations

Appendix 10 – Bridge Hydraulic and Bed Stability Preliminary Analysis

Appendix 12 – Construction Cost

Appendix 13 – Design Risk Assessment

Appendix 14 – Risk Register

Appendix 16 – Maintenance, Replacement and Repair

Appendix 18 – Energy Capture Details

Appendix 19 – Hexham Hydro Monitoring Note: this is marked as Draft because it would need to be taken through due licensing process with the Environment Agency and others and might therefore need to be updated to incorporate any further feedback from key stakeholders before being finalised. This version was prepared for the public consultation sessions conducted in October 2012.

Appendix 22 – Planning Policy Information

Hexham River Hydro, an energyshare project made possible by British Gas and supported by Carbon Leapfrog, Cooperative Enterprise Hub, Vattenfall and The Naturesave Trust